Optimum Health

The Classical Indian Yoga for Householder Education Centre

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The message of good health, peace of mind, moral strength and spiritual enlightenment. It is the movement that will transcend all race, religion, sex, educational, economical and geographical barriers…concentrating instead on channelizing the awesome power and energy of like-minded Yoga education groups…into a gushing spring that would satiate the common man’s thirst for assimilating and embracing the multi-faceted benefits of Yoga.

“Traveling Yogic is aiming to spread the good news through education in school systems: corporations, those who need assistance in health (hospitals) i.e. cardiac patients, diabetics, lower back pain, HIV, drugs, psychosomatic, respiratory patients…development of programs for senior citizen, Indian in the Sioux Tribal Program and more; individual and groups who wish to maintain the Optimum Health and longevity; and reach out to help people who have emotional difficulties.”

All the above aforesaid mainly through education and consultation locations or out of locations, for humanities of all ages to arrive at their OPTIMUM HEALTH 9 in all aspects: physically, mentally, morally, socially and spiritually).