Healthy Hormones with Yoga – May 2017

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What does yoga have to do with your hormones?
How do we recognize when our hormones are out of balance?


Understanding the endocrine system. How to choose yoga poses & daily practices to relieve symptoms & address specific hormonal imbalances, plus more.

Your endocrine system consists of a number of glands that regulate the secretion of hormones that affect your growth, metabolism and nervous system, among many other functions. Practicing yoga postures to maximize your endocrine system’s operations goes a long way toward helping to balance your hormones.


Sunday May 21, 2017

1:00-3:00 PM

Please RSVP

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Optimum Health Studio


Fee: $35

Please bring:

  • Yoga mat
  • Bolster
  • 2 blocks
  • Writing Material
  • Water